• Group items together under a category
  • Format abstracts, descriptions, word counts, dates. Add data for additions and deletions to each file.


  • Side-notes and margin-notes
  • Backlinks section for posts, including diary entries
  • Section headers on posts should be a link to their anchor
  • Increase transparency on section header icon
  • Lightbox for selected images
  • Image slideshows
  • Images that stretch to fill all usable margin space
  • Style image borders
  • Collapsible frames for certain sections.


  • Graphic to separate section clusters on index


  • Change sidebar to top-style navbar
  • Improve the typography, especially line height and word-spacing
  • Custom icons for lists with automatic alternation
  • We need a better emblem
  • Superscript icon to designate external links
  • Style for code (inline and block)
  • RSS Feeds
    • Changelog, podcast, blog


  • Re-structure the diary into chapters
    • What order are they listed?
    • How does the voice of the diaries relate to the voice used throughout the website?
  • Metadata about how many times a post has changed, and to what extent
  • Automatically-generated tags
  • Character index that is still anonymous
  • The pages should generally be more rich, dynamic, with more visual and audio material


  • Until we have a proper essay ready, this page would probably be better off as an annotated bibliography and a collection of visual inspiration


  • Re-host the files somewhere.

Tag and category pages.

  • Bug: tags from “meta” files (non-collections) not added to tag index.

Photo section

  • Subdomain linked in sidebar:
  • Oriented around a general archive; galleries; and an ongoing photo project
  • A repository for visual media generally, not just photos
  • Commenting
  • AI-generated tagging