Episode 3.4: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

This week we are discussing the riot wave that burned throughout England in 2011. Precipitated by anti-austerity protests and anti-police brutality protests, Endnotes explore the myriad social movements that coalesced in days of protests, arson, property damage, and violence directed toward cops, and toward protesters from the cops. Sound familiar? The parallels to the riot wave that swept the United States this summer are striking, and the predictable of this long, well-researched historical essay is that riot waves of are always the result of an extended historical process. Developing from this, we discuss the historical continuity of tactics employed by insurgents–as well as repressive tactics employed by the police.

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Episode 3.2: The Holding Pattern

Jasper Johns, “0-9,” 11 7/8 x 10 3/4 inches, ink on plastic, 1979.

This week on the podcast we are going back to 2013 and discussing the Occupy Wall Street movement, the “movement of the squares” internationally, and all the explosions of worker’s movements of that period. We go back and forth about the utopianism of the Endnotes collective, and arrive at a better understanding of just what “communisation theory” really entails.

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Episode 3.1: Editorial

Jasper Johns, “0 through 9,” 22.6 × 18 cm, ca. 1975.

Breaking off a new edition of the Endnotes journal. This survey text previews what’s ahead. We reflect on the historical circumstances of this publication (2013), on the issue that we just finished, what we like and don’t like about Endnotes, and what’s to come.

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