BONUS EPISODE: Communization and the Abolition of Gender

Reading another essay from the Communization and its Discontents reader, edited by Benjamin Noys. This one is by Maya Andrea Gonzalez, “revolutionary Marxist feminist” and a member of the Endnotes collective. She is also the author of the essay from vol. 3 The Logic of Gender. In this work from a few years prior, Gonzalez traces a materialist history of gender relations under capitalism, connecting them to the communizer’s theory of revolution as an im-mediated practise of abolishing social relations, the most fundamental being the gender divide. Like Endnotes and many other communization groups following in the wake of TC, a point of disunity is taken to be a principle of overcoming: in this case, it is the disunity of the gender, and the bifurcation of human activity into productive and reproductive spheres, that will provide for the abolishment of capital.

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