BONUS EPISODE: Tending the Revolutionary Garden with Jasper Bernes

In this bonus episode, Uriah sits down with Jasper Bernes to discuss his essay from vol. 3 on logistics and its follow up, focusing on questions of agriculture and technology. We discuss Marx’s concept of the metabolic rift, permaculture, planning and logistics, reparations, and more. Leave a comment, hopefully we will have more guests on the show coming up soon.

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Episode 2.6: The History of Subsumption

Frank Stella, “Die Fahne Hoche!” enamel on canvas, 308.6 x 185.4 cm, 1959.

This week we are discussing the historiography of class conflict. Endnotes critically analyse the Marxist category of subsumption, originating in Kant and Hegel. Kant uses the concept in his epistemological distinction between synthetic and analytic; Hegel extends it to the metaphysical subsumption of one subject to another. Finally, Marx uses the concept into a materialist critique of capitalist social relations, where labour is subsumed by capital. Endnotes establish their critical position in relation to the contemporary literature of Antonio Negri, Jacques Camatte, Theorie Communiste, and the legacy of “programmatism” (Leninism).

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Episode 2.4: Communisation and Value Form Theory

Paul Klee, Untitled, 1914.

Best episode of the podcast yet, a wide-ranging exploration of the theoretical history of communisation theory, and value form theory. In this essay, Endnotes elaborate why they have attached themselves to these two contemporary Marxist and communist theories, and begin to advance their argument about why the two are related.

Read the essay by Endnotes here.